Thorough Hijacking

RE: 比賽:「斷估唔拉」之騎劫時代廣場

I think its nature should not be a competition anymore, it should be more like a game of nomination and election.

These months should be the climax of art hijacking the Times Square. Therefore, we could simply put a deadline for the nomination (say, 31 Dec 2008), and then encourage people to vote for the prizes. To certain extent, the organizer(s) actually would hijack others projects by the method nomination, even these projects are not intended to participate this “competition”.

I believe we dont need a top-down judgement, (what? some “professionals” judging the people again??). The whole thing is an elightenment of social awareness of HK ppl, a recall of our freedom in public space, so why not do some exercise for 2012 (well…), try a democratic election for that.

Sipar Jerk


~ by lmlart on March 21, 2008.

One Response to “Thorough Hijacking”

  1. thanks for your suggestion. yes i totally agree with the nomination idea, this point is enlighenment of social awareness of HK ppl. and we are not organizers as such either. But simply to keep this blog alive is very tried. I wish things could happen organically, but i found it so difficult. I am never a good blogger, could you pls help to enlightened me technically how could we set up a system for ppl to vote and nominate?

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